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You can get in touch with us for same-day Borer Control Hallett Cove. Pest Control Hallett Cove is a locally-based and operated company in Hallett Cove that aims to deliver on time and rapid treatments always. So, avoid bearing the stress of living in a borer affected property and call us! We are open to taking your bookings 24 by 7. Also, all of our services are given to clients within 24 hours of booking confirmation. In addition to this, we do not charge extra for same day and emergency borer treatment services. 

Borers: Know Borers Very Quickly

Borers are one of the insects that attack timber. In their larval stage, they form tunnels in your timber furniture and structures. The common sign of borer nesting is tiny pinholes in your timber wood. This is the place(hole) from where the adult borer arises. Although the adult borer will only live for a shorter period of time. Post mating, the female borers inject eggs in the pores of timber wood. 

Once the female borers lay their eggs in timber pores, larvae feed on starch and related nutrients present in the sapwood. In a few timbers with less starch or the one with narrow pores are hard for borers to attack and hence they stay immune. On the other hand, situations like high moisture, dampness and less ventilation make the pores wide and this further allows the borer to nest. 

Usually, borers like to attack old timber structures and furniture. For instance, joints on roofs, bearers and flooring, etc.

How to detect whether you have a borer infestation or not? 

There are mainly two types of borers common in entire Australia. Check their features to know whether they are present on your property or not.

Anobium punctatum (commonly known as furniture beetles) 

These borer species: 

  • Attack timber structures, furniture, decorative wood items and floorings. 
  • Prefer well seasoned, old timber. As well as softwoods like white pine and Baltic pine. 
  • Attack a few hardwoods, mainly imported oak and blackwood. 
  • Prefer humid and cold conditions 

Lyctid borer (commonly known as post borer) 

These borer species: 

  • Produce out a very fine dust powder-like substance, similar to any talcum powder.
  • Mainly attack the sapwood of a few hardwood timbers.
  • This leads to a major weakening of your structures that have sapwood in high amounts. 

How to avoid borer pests from infesting your place?

Whenever a borer nesting is left ignored, it potentially forms into a major problem, like destroying wooden flooring, furniture and doors. The following tips are suggested by professional pest control specialists to discourage borer infestations at your place: 

  • Borers and beetles are where the moisture is. So it is better for you to remove moisture from your place. Keep your wooden items and furniture dry. 
  • Remove the infected wood to prevent the borer infestation from spreading on a large scale. 
  • Seal up the crevices and cracks on timber to restrict borers and beetles from breeding.
  • Hiring a professional pest controller for regular inspection is always worth it. It will not only save your wood items but also avoid you from paying for expensive repairs.

Borer Control Hallett Cove Options

Our professional borer control services are applicable to all timber surfaces across the subfloors and roof voids. Moreover, we utilise Boric acid timber saving treatment that is a safe and effective option. It will boost the killing of fully grown beetles as soon as they emerge from the pores of the timber. In such a way, we are also restricting their opportunities to mate & re-nest. Contact Hallett Cove’s leading borer pest control company and get the problem rectified. We offer a vast range of borer inspections, treatments and removal options.

Call us now on 08 7100 9763 or simply request a call & get a chance to speak with our customer care service team to answer your queries, bookings and to arrange an emergency treatment. 

Why must you call us for borer pest control in Hallett Cove? 

  • Experience: Your property is your most valuable asset- let’s keep it safe! With decades of experience in pest controls, we offer safe pest controls. 
  • Professional: All of our services are performed by professional and insured pest extermination specialists. We adhere to Australian standards always. 
  • Advanced and tested: All of our pest control products are unique, tested and ensure your borer issue is thoroughly treated.
  • Trained Experts: Our pest specialists are trained not only to control pests but also to remove the root cause of the issue. 
  • Positive feedback: You can check our reviews. We get recommendations on minimal use of pesticides and effective results.
  • Safe service: We follow all safety measures and wear kits while doing services. Also, we ensure zero disturbance to you and your property while performing services.

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