Why are Cockroaches So Hard to Control?

Cockroaches are the most commonly found pests in the household environment. They impose a great risk to health and safety. Cockroaches enter your house in search of food and contaminate food. Eating these contaminated foods results in food poisoning. Cockroaches carry disease-causing bacteria into your houses. Cholera, typhoid fever, leprosy are some of the diseases transmitted by cockroaches. They are mostly found in areas that are easily accessible to food like the kitchen, cupboards, drawers, and food containers. it is very important to eliminate roaches ASAP by taking the help of professional pest services. This article explains why controlling cockroaches is so difficult. 

Why is it so hard to control cockroaches?

Why is it so hard to control cockroaches?

  • Cockroaches are very fast

Cockroaches are lightning-fast and escape easily. They move very fast for their size. Even newborn cockroaches will run as fast as adult cockroaches. cockroaches have the potential to sense air currents and use this to detect any danger that is threatening them. Cockroaches are capable of running up to 3 miles in an hour. So this is one of the reasons why it is so hard to control cockroaches. 

  • Cockroaches are tiny

Cockroaches are very small pests. Their body structure allows them to hide in extremely tight places which makes it difficult to identify their presence. They can easily fit into the cracks and crevices in a wall.

  • Cockroaches will eat anything

Even though cockroaches like sugar stuff, they can eat almost everything to survive. They will eat feces, glue, hair, decayed leaves, leather, paper, other cockroaches, banana skins, and dead or alive humans. 

  • Cockroaches are survivalists

Cockroaches eat anything and can live in any weather condition. They can survive in both hot and cold conditions. Cockroaches can live up to 45 days without food and live up to 15 days without food and water. A cockroach can survive up to one week even if it loses its head. Cockroaches also developed a resistance to insecticides.

  • Cockroaches breed very fast

Cockroaches increase their number very fast. A female cockroach can produce almost 30000 cockroaches in a year. 

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